about us

At EDS Switchboards (Pty) Ltd we manufacture and design our products to the best available practices in relevant standards and specifications.

EDS Switchboards (Pty) Ltd take pride in:

  • Strict adherence to a safety program
  • Cost effective management of our products
  • Service to our clients

EDS Switchboards (Pty) Ltd are committed to provide you with products and services of a high quality:

  • Ensuring that the functionality of our company is embedded in our ability to implement the best practices in systems, procedures and product services.
  • Continually monitoring the quality of products, time line and workflow.
  • Offering and maintaining competitive market related prices on our products and services.
  • Strict adherence to the OHSA and the protective measures that dictate the standards for employee protection.
  • Supporting affirmative action policies both internally and externally.
  • Providing on-site commissioning and submitting a range of superior products that include ?in-house? testing and manufacturing.
  • Empowering the work forces to take personal ownership of their work.